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Recommended Reading for Architecture Students

Keeping abreast of the most recent trends in architecture and design is crucial, whether you are a student or a professional in the field. The most impressive architecture websites are those that provide engaging and original content tailored to the needs of each visitor. New projects, research, and design can be found on Archdaily, along with the discovery of exciting new ideas.

Archdaily is a fantastic resource for learning about upcoming architectural awards. It also features countless images and detailed descriptions of completed construction jobs. The site is well-liked by those interested in architecture in the United Kingdom. This website offers both free and paid content. It also has an extensive library of architectural projects and hosts awards in a variety of categories, including those for student work.

Division’s ability to collect and present data on cutting-edge architectural endeavors is one of its most fascinating features. Originally launched as the Italian architecture website Europaconcorsi, the site has expanded to become a hub for advanced building designs and plans. The platform promotes teamwork and provides valuable resources for academic work. A project gallery, an alphabetical list of contemporary architecture, a bookstore, and a photo submission system are just some of the features that help make up what is billed as a digital atlas of architecture.

Archinect is another global online hub that connects architecture students and experts from all over the world. Since its inception in 1997, this website has been a leading resource for architecture students worldwide. It’s like LinkedIn for architects, so you can show off your work and network with like-minded individuals.

Europaconcorsi is a fantastic venue for anyone seeking architectural inspiration. This Italian website was launched 18 years ago with the intention of connecting architects around the world with news and updates about international design competitions. This platform for sharing information quickly evolved into a rich repository of modern architecture.

As a global marketplace for architecture and design, Architonic is another excellent resource for students in the field. Over sixteen million people each year visit this site for motivational content and innovative ideas. Architects, designers, and industrialists from all over the world can access the site.

For those interested in architecture, the Architizer website is a must-have. All sorts of architectural works, articles, and contests are showcased. The venue also plays host to award shows like the A+Awards. An extensive product introduction section and a database of past matches are two other helpful features.

With Architizer, you can see examples of both completed and proposed buildings, as well as learn about the firms and architects responsible for them. Also included is a page where you can look at the projects completed by various architectural firms. This site is more of a directory than a blog, but it still contains plenty of helpful information for budding architects. The eVolo journal, accessible through the Architizer website, covers topics in both physical and virtual architecture. In particular, the annual skyscraper competition that attracts international attention and publishes a book is a significant draw.

If you’re interested in architecture and want to stay abreast of industry news, you might want to subscribe to Inhabitat. With a focus on bringing quality and uniqueness to each project, the website provides a fresh perspective on interior design and building. It takes a comprehensive approach to its projects, bringing together specialists from various fields who are invested in seeing their clients’ visions realized.

Reading the articles published on Inhabitat will satisfy your interest in eco-friendly architecture. New directions in sustainable architecture, landscape design, and technology are featured on this website. In addition, it features a Sustainability Lab where cutting-edge eco-friendly innovations can be seen.

Designboom is a widely read online publication that reports on recent developments in the design industry and features cutting-edge global initiatives. Additionally, it features innovative designs from various disciplines. From studio visits to product releases, it has coverage of it all. One-on-one conversations with notable figures and critiques of current exhibitions round out the content. The target audience consists of creatives from all over the world.

The internet has many resources for aspiring architects, such as design blogs and websites. In 2007, Designboom was recognized as one of the most influential websites in the field of design by TIME and eight other websites. It was also recognized as a finalist for the best culture blog of 2013 by the Webby Awards. There was a vote for it as the best lifestyle blog in 2014.


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