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The Best Books For Students Of Architecture

Here are some books that you can read as an architecture student to aid in your studies. They will aid in your comprehension of the various methods employed by architects. You might want to take a look at The Architecture of Light by Frank Lloyd Wright and Phillip Johnson, Between Silence and Light by Louis I. Kahn, and Ross King’s Brunelleschi’s Dome.

The fascinating book “The Architecture of Light” examines two of history’s greatest architects. At the time of their work, the architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Phillip Johnson were in very different circumstances. Wright was starving, unemployed, and worried about dying at the time. The Museum of Modern Art hired Johnson, a self-made wealthy and aspirational young man, to curate an exhibition of modern architecture.

Though their ideas were very different, the architects shared a frank personality, enormous charisma, and restless creativity. The two architects were frequently at odds with one another and frequently came into contact with sparks, but Howard demonstrates that their animosity was a creative exchange that produced outstanding and significant work.

Between Silence and Light by Louis, I. Khn is a fantastic book to read if you enjoy modern architecture or simply want to learn more about it. The Exeter Library, the Yale Study Center, and the Salk Institute are a few of the structures that Kahn designed that have influenced modern architecture.

Beautiful illustrations and quotations abound in Kahn’s book. This an essential read for architects and architectural critics! You’ll be left thinking about the nature of design and the connection between darkness and light. It’s a great book, and reading it will make you wonder how your own creations stack up against those of Louis Kahn.

This book comes with a complete audio CD of a lecture by Kahn that was recorded at the ETH Zurich in 1969. In addition, the book includes many of Kahn’s own illustrations and drawings, as well as an introduction by fellow architect Balkrishna V. Doshi.

The book Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross Kings is a fantastic tool for architecture students who want to learn more about the construction of a dome. An architect wrote it, and there are numerous illustrations throughout. Even though it might be challenging for non-specialists to understand, the book will still offer a lot of useful information regarding the construction of an amazing dome.

Brunelleschi was a brilliant architect who, when he first started working, was mocked and laughed at. However, he later rose to fame for his outstanding architectural creations. The book chronicles Brunelleschi’s life, the rivalry he encountered, as well as the numerous difficulties and triumphs he overcame.

This book is a great resource for learning about business leadership and creative design in addition to architecture. It also provides information about a renowned architectural firm. A. founded the well-known architectural firm, Kohn Pederson Fox. In 1976, Eugene Kohn. Numerous honours, such as the Rome Prize and the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize, have been bestowed upon KPF. This 328-page book explains how KPF went from a small company to a global leader in the architectural industry.

This book explores the various stages of building construction and is illustrated throughout. It also outlines the specifications for secure and safe structures. For those studying architecture, this book is very beneficial. It also provides details on ADA compliance and building codes.


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